Cow yogurt Probiotic 3.6% 400 g.

1.23 лв.

Manufacturer: BOR CHVOR ltd.

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Ingredients: Cow's milk, yeast.

Storage conditions: 2-6 ° C.


Made from carefully selected eco-friendly raw materials, using a yeast with three types of lactic acid microorganisms, which has an extremely good effect on health. Natural immunomodulator and can be taken as part of the diet for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and others. Restores the biological balance of the gut microflora and has an immunostimulating effect.

CONTENTS 100g Energy value 262kJ / 63kcal Fat 3.6g Of which saturated 2.2g Carbohydrates 4.3g Of which sugars 4.2g Protein 3.3g Salt 0,1g